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Make every area of your dealership more efficient


Now you can consolidate financial reporting with the ability to drill down into the raw data and details. With everything you need on one easy-to-use platform, quickly and easily retrieve details on any number without having to scour the DMS and input codes.

  • P&L
  • Balance sheet
  • GL Details
  • Schedules
  • Trial Balance

Variable Operations

Make smarter decisions and find ways to increase margin on your current business. Analyze new/used car sales, PVRs, what F&I products are selling and more.

  • Vehicle Inventory
  • Sales Log

Key KPIs

  • Units
  • Pacing
  • Front PVR
  • Back PVR
  • Deal PVR
  • Product Penetration
  • Days to Sell
  • Days Supply

Fixed Operations

Get daily reporting to improve decision-making and operations, from identifying gross profit leakage to using productivity reporting to ensure proper resource utilization. We even have customized integrations that find optimal repair order combinations—automatically, every day—to help realize higher labor rates and eliminate the expense for an outside firm to go through thousands of repair orders.

  • Closed Repair Orders
  • Open Repair Orders
  • Parts Inventory
  • Closed Parts Tickets
  • Open Parts Tickets
  • Service Retention
  • Fixed Ops Accounting

Key KPIs

  • Retention %
  • Effective Labor Rate (ELR)
  • Sold Hours
  • Labor Gross
  • Parts Gross
  • Pacing
  • Tech Efficiency
  • Productivity
  • Parts Aging


See where prospects are coming from and evaluate the effectiveness of your current marketing efforts.

  • Lead Analysis (CRM)
  • Google Analytics

Key KPIs

  • Leads
  • Appointments
  • Show Rate
  • Close Rate
  • Cost per Lead

View actionable data from every source—all in one place.

To make smarter decisions, your data needs to be easy to access, use and understand. And that’s just not possible with disparate systems, manual reporting or purpose-built canned DMS solutions.

That’s why we analyze your business needs first, applying industry insights and best practices to guide you to the right solution and then customize it to your needs. With years of experience in dealership solutions, we will help you aggregate data from every source—implementing solutions that pull data from not only your DMS but all third-party sources such as marketing, CRM and HR systems.

See where leads are coming from, evaluate resource utilization, view productivity reporting and more. Integration is fast and seamless with solutions that are easily configured with the most common DMS solutions.

View and manipulate your data on elegant dashboards that are easy to understand and show exactly what you need to know. Eliminate the time and hassle of trying to pull reports together manually when you have your reports delivered to your inbox exactly when you want.

“Reporting showed we were overstaffed in the sales manager position and understaffed in our F&I positions. Continuously measuring this enabled us to maximize profitability while reducing overall compensation costs, generating an approximate annual net income improvement of $2,500,000.”

With side-by-side comparisons, run every store better.

What if you could compare stores side-by-side—in one place—with executive-level visual information to evaluate performance? One place to identify and resolve issues, and find new opportunities and areas for improvement?

We also give managers at every store the ability to access data, and proactively respond to financial and operational KPIs daily, rather than simply viewing inactionable data at month-end.

“We created a Fixed Ops KPI dashboard to focus on our repair order performance and have seen sharp improvement in total gross generated. This has helped us generate approximately $10,000,000 in additional CP gross profit year over year.”

Consolidate reporting from different DMS systems.

Our data consolidation solutions unite multiple DMSs to facilitate how you manage your growing dealership locations. Get actionable insights from every department, including service and parts, variable ops, new/used car sales, inventory, accounting, marketing and more.

We customize solutions for your unique needs.

At VizAuto, we work to understand your business and retain the knowledge, so we always have a clear starting point if questions or needs arise down the road. Your business is unique because your market and clients are, too. We analyze your unique needs and propose thoughtful solutions that meet best practices and enable actionable insights. What kind of data will really drive success for your business? Let’s talk about it in the fast lane.

Guidance from a qualified team of experts.

Across all departments, you’ll find team members who take charge, take input and take it to the next level. At the end of the day, we work hard to deliver for our clients. Get to know us, and the VizAuto difference.

Kyle Frye

Chief Technology Officer, Principal Consultant

Paul Bowser

Chief Operating Officer

Dan Stockel

Vice President of Sales